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Let’s manifest together.

Your space to dream big, own your power and take aligned action towards your manifestations. You'll find the tools and best practices to create clarity on what you deserve and align with it with more ease, more trust and more magic.

Manifestation Map

Vision board meets manifestation journal with this travel-inspired step-by-step guide to bring your 1-Year Manifestations to life.

Weekly Workshops

Join a live breathwork journey, meditation or expert workshop to activate your inner power and start aligning with the life you deserve.

Self-Guided Offers

Whether just starting out or looking for a deep dive, these self-paced tools will provide you with the foundation to manifest anything into your life.


I'm Jenni - Manifestation Advisor, Meditation Guide, Intuitive and adventurous soul... and I am here to guide you towards the abundant life you've been dreaming of.

Everyone's journey to manifest is unique. There is no one way to create what you are asking for. But there is a route that is most aligned for you - an easier, more magical path that will lead you to your dreams and support you throughout every turn of the journey... and this community was created to help you find it.

To date, I've guided 100’s of women in bringing their manifestations to life through a method of mind, body, soul connection with mental wellness at the center of it all... Having moved through my own journey of corporate burnout, anxiety, depression and self-doubt, I am bringing you the tools and experience to create clarity on what you deserve, find deep connection with your inner guide and manifest alignment in all areas of your life.

The adventure starts now...I can't wait to manifest with you.

x Jenni

I manifested a home, $$$ for our closing costs, 10 coaching clients, a public speaking opportunity, and more pain free days! Feeling so grateful and proud that I kept trusting and didn’t give up when things weren’t coming through or didn’t feel aligned. 🙏🏼

I manifested a new job that checks all my boxes! ✔️ I journaled about a new job everyday that would allow me to see more sunsets, bake, read, spend time with my fiance, etc etc. I got a nice pay bump, I will be working 20 hours less a week, unlimited PTO....The things I wrote down manifested!!! I'm so full of joy right now! 🥲

Manifested the most sweet, caring, fun, passionate and loving energetic match relationship 🥰. Thank you Universe for answering my souls calling, the journey that led me here and the journey to come.

OMG!! I did it!! I manifested my dream apartment, a beautiful Spanish-style cottage at the perfect price in this crazy market. 🏠 I am sooooo freaking excited for this new freedom and expansion!!


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The monthly manifestation membership created for powerful women to share their dreams and take aligned action towards them - with clarity, celebration and community.

Kickstart your manifestation and mental wellness practice and create abundance in all areas of your life through highly engaged like-souled community, weekly live trainings, a library of best practices and daily inspiration by Jenni Adishian.

Magic happens when women come together to hold a bigger vision for themselves and each other. Since its start in 2021, 1,800+ documented manifestations have come to life in the community... and if it's possible for someone else,
it's more than possible for YOU.

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